Symposium: Future SocAIty

Vrijdag 15 juni 2018 11:00 - Vrijdag 15 juni 2018 17:00 - 20 mensen gaan
Symposium: Future SocAItyFriday June 15, there will be a symposium organized by Incognito!
We, as the symposium committee of Incognito, have selected a fantastic group of speakers that are willing to share some of their thoughts and knowledge with all of us, involving areas like privacy, education and healthcare. This will be an opportunity for you to listen to our speakers, form your own thoughts, share your thoughts with others, and reform your thoughts again after discussing. Two words: mental enrichment.

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Program will follow soon!
Symposium about AI and society
Boothzaal, Heidelberglaan 3
June 15, 11AM - 17PM
None (free lunch!)