Xomnia Datathon: Stop food waste !

Zaterdag 19 mei 2018 12:30 - Zondag 20 mei 2018 14:00 - 1 mensen gaan
Xomnia Datathon: Stop food waste ! Datathon-alert > Stop Food Waste with Artificial Intelligence!

Yearly 1.3 billion tonnes of food of food gets wasted, it is time this changed. Good news, you can make a difference! How? Participate in this year’s Datathon that is organized by Xomnia and The World Bank on the 19 and 20th of May

You can enroll using Xomnia's form:

This 24-hour challenging Datathon is a battle between the study associations of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Data Science, and teams of different companies. It takes place at the Xomnia building in Amsterdam.

Do you accept the challenge?

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