Symposium 2019: Brave new world?

Vrijdag 14 juni 2019 11:45 - Vrijdag 14 juni 2019 17:00 - 20 mensen gaan
Symposium 2019: Brave new world?'AI is taking over the world.’ ‘People won’t be necessary anymore in X years.’ These are some phrases you probably hear around you. The world around us is changing rapidly, with or without our consent. You just need to accept all the developments, because what can you do about it?

It is not only about how the world will be in the future, but also the journey to that certain point. What are some features that could characterise such a society? What are some developments that are almost finished and seem dystopic for some people? Awareness is key, stay focused and endulge yourself in information.

To shed some light on this topic, the symposium committee of U.S.C.K.I. Incognito gathered some speakers to inform you about different topics. They will share their knowledge and you can also share your own thoughts. This is the perfect time to get in-depth information about subjects like China’s Social Credit system. Don’t miss this opportunity to talk to experts, have a discussion with fellow visitors and enjoy a great free lunch!

Join, engage and enjoy. See you then!
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Symposium 2019: Brave new world?
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Vrijdag 14 juni
Geen, en er is gratis lunch!