Xomnia Recommender Training

Donderdag 14 november 2019 14:00 - Donderdag 14 november 2019 17:00 - 13 mensen gaan (20 max)
Xomnia Recommender TrainingXomnia is a company from Amsterdam that works with lots of different other companies (such as NS, ABN-Amro and the local police) to solve AI-problem.

Netflix, Zalando, Youtube and Facebook, just a grip of companies that extensively use recommender systems to give a boost to their platforms. With Data from the past they try to predict your choices in the future. Thursday, the 14th of November, Xomnia is giving a special recommender systems training for every member of Incognito who wants to know how the algorithms that supply you with your movie suggestions work. Xomnia’s Data Scientist Stijn de Gooijer will provide you with a deep dive into different models and will guide you to create your very own recommender system!

NOTE: In the Recommender System Training we program in Python, so some experience with Python is required.

13:30 - 14:00 Welcome

14:00- 17:00 Recommender Workshop

17:00 - 18:00 Drinks and bites
Xomnia Recommender Training
Raamstaat 7, Amsterdam
14 november 14:00 - 17:00