[mAIster] Pancake Baking Competition

Woensdag 24 maart 2021 18:30 - Woensdag 24 maart 2021 20:30 - 3 mensen gaan
[mAIster] Pancake Baking CompetitionStressed about exams and projects? You have seen sloths on Discovery Channel that look more active than your social life? You thought that your master’s would be a piece of cake and you wonder what went wrong? Fear no more! We invite you to make your own pancake cake with us! What a better way to take a break from your studies than cooking together and giving yourself a sweet treat just because. And yes —I know you would ask—, there will be a prize for the best pancake cake, so that is an extra reason to bring out the cook in you and impress everyone with your skills and creativity. Get your ingredients of the pancakes, and, of course, feel free to give it your own personal touch to it if you like or experiment with the recipe if you feel adventurous. We hope to see you all!
Pancake Baking Competition
At the Incognito Discord channel! The link will follow in the announcements
24 March 18:30
Your pancake ingredients