Embodied AI: Virtual Humans and Robots Session II

Maandag 31 mei 2021 14:30 - Maandag 31 mei 2021 16:30 - 0 mensen gaan
Embodied AI: Virtual Humans and Robots Session IIOn 31 May, focus area Human-centered Artificial Intelligence external linkorganizes an event about the theme “Understanding the Dutch Landscape of Embodied Agents, what are the needs of the Dutch society?”. The goal is to understand the research field, build community and increase the visibility of the Dutch expertise on both a national and international level. The organisers aim to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations as well as encourage diversity and inclusion.

Embodied Artificial Agents
This event is part of a series of events related with Embodied Artificial Agents. It concerns the development, evaluation and societal impact of social robots and virtual humans that are capable of engaging in face-to-face social interactions with people using verbal and non-verbal behaviours. These characters have been a topic of interest in different communities including AI, HCI, robotics and graphics as well as humanities and social sciences. Despite significant progress, we are only at the dawning of an emerging field.

The event illuminates three perspectives:

Technical/algorithmic perspective: How to automatically generate behavior for socially interactive agents (virtual and robot)? Sensing, decision making and acting loop.
Human-computer interaction perspective: How people perceive, respond to, and collaborate with robots and anthropomorphic characters in everyday life?
Social Sciences perspective: How to understand human social cognition during real and long-term interactions with artificial agents?
The event is moderated by Maartje de Graaf external link, Ruud Hortensius external link, and Zerrin Yumak external link. The panel consists of Mark Neerincx (TU Delft / TNO), Khiet Truong (University of Twente), Pim Haselager (Donders Institute), and Tibor Bosse (Radboud University).

Human-centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI)
Embodied AI: Virtual Humans and Robots Session II
Online on Teams (see website)
Monday 31 May 2021 from 14:30 to 16:30