[mAIster] Mafia Diner (CANCELLED)

Dinsdag 5 maart 2024 18:00 - Dinsdag 5 maart 2024 22:00 - 3 mensen gaan
[mAIster] Mafia Diner (CANCELLED)Are you also curious to find out who your group mates in Philosophy in AI are, apart from their opinions about the Chinese Room Argument? Or are you doing your thesis and after months of seeing no one apart from your supervisors, would love to hang out with your fellow students? Join the Maffia themed dinner party at Taplokaal Gist!

We will have a semi-fancy two-course dinner with a matching beer arrangement (optional)! In the forms, you can already make a choice between the courses and also add if you have any dietary requirements.
Dress up as your most famous maffia boss and bring your shady side-kick (yes the event allows 1 plus one from outside the master!) and hopefully we will see you there

Sign up using this link: LINK
Mafia Diner
Taplokaal Gist
March 5th 18:00
26 euro